CTS – Remote IT Support for Open Source Operating Systems and Software

CTS has been providing professional support for open source operating systems, software and proprietary solutions since 1985. Our main focus in the IT segment is on the remote maintenance of open source solutions. In addition, our team offers you on-site or remote installation of open source operating systems, or open source software.

Technicians work directly with you! Depending on the SLA, you will receive a direct number to a level 2 or level 3 technician. We reject the preliminary connection of a call center to torture the customer.

Your computer budget is tight, you have problems with IT supporters who offer you cheap hourly rates, but because of lack of expertise, use so many hours that a real professional would have been cheaper? „IT experts“ who always want to „fresh install“ with the smallest problems? „Network Specialists“ not understanding  DNS, DHCP, routing and firewalls?

Then you have come to the right place with CTS, the professional IT supporter since 1985!

  • Successful since 1985 in customer service with many satisfied regular customers!
  • competent team – your contact person is a technician and not a call center employee!
  • Competency for operating systems: Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, Windows
  • Solution expertise: firewalls, network, WI-Fi, IT security, DNS server and management solutions, mail server, web server, Asterisk voice over ip server, database server, email security, central e-mail gateways with antivirus, http proxy solutions with virus protection and scanners, and much more
  • Competence for installation and support of applications
  • Per minute billing or flat rate based on number of servers and users. Only pay for what you really need
  • We are using VNC, RDP, SSH, OpenVPN, IPSec and much more to support you. 80% of today’s computer problems are caused by software command settings and operator errors. Due to the ever increasing complexity of the software it is nearly impossible to work without assistance. Personal and competent support is our trademark. With us you do not call a call center.

The advantages are obvious:

  • immediate availability of a technician through online connection
  • no travel costs and lost time
  • easy handling without installation


New customer requests:

E: support@cts-solutions.at

  • INTERNATIONAL: +43 5 7676 7676
  • AUSTRIA: 057676 5020
  • GERMANY: 08654 772280

We only support commercial customers. Reseller prices on request. We are happy to create your personal offer. Find more information about our offer here: