Supported Systems and Solutions

We support (Remote IT Support)

CTS supports the listed operating systems and software solutions. If your software is not on our list, please send us an email to:


With over 30-years of experience we have worked and supported so much different systems and software that we are unable to list all here. Your chances are good that we are able to help you, even your requirement is not listed here.

Operating Systems

we support virtual and bare-bone installations.

  • FreeBSD
  • Debian Linux as Server, Terminal Server or Workstation
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • CentOS Linux
  • Windows if used as Terminal Server

Software and Solutions

  • Linux or FreeBSD based Firewall Solutions, incl. HA Auto-Failover, Multi Device Syncing, Backup, DMZ Routing, and much more. Professional, license cost free and fully under your control!
  • Nagios based monitoring and alerting solutions. The perfect setup to be informed about problems before the phone is ringing.
  • VPN solutions based on OpenVPN or IPSec. For desktop or mobile devices and Net-to-Net solutions. Perfect to connect headquarters and all field offices stable and at no cos
  • Central Tor / Onion network routers and gateways, separated networks for anonymous research, etc. We are your specialist for all questions around Tor / Onion / Darknet.
  • Asterisk Voice-over-IP telephony solutions, including least-cost routing and encrypted in-house telephony via the companies VPN.
  • E-mail solutions with Spam and virus protection incl. connection of mobile devices using Sendmail, Postfix, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, ClamAV
  • Matrix / Synapse / Riot – Distributed – Enterprise Ready – Messenger / Voice / Video Communication Solution. Perfect is that none of the big data collectors have access to your profile or communication. Only the servers involved in a conversation route the traffic. With end-to-end encryption enabled, even the admins of the servers involved have no way to read the conversation. Privacy as it should be. Our team will be happy to install your companies messenger server, which, like e-mail routing, is able to communicate with all servers and their users from the Matrix universe.
  • Mastodon Micro Blogging Solution. The decentralized alternative to big data collectors. Operate your own instance without censorship or dependence on algorithms.
  • Web server based on NGINX or Apache, including PHP, Perl, PDO, Passenger (Ruby) and all components for a professional web server operation.
  • SQL database server based on MySQL, MariaDB, or Postgres.
  • Private cloud solutions based on OwnCloud. The only way for us to store data in a cloud. In-house, completely under your control, without any foreign access to your valuable data.
  • DNS solutions for web-based DNS management, including periodic roll-out to the responsible public / private DNS servers. Set up DNS servers to operate your own DNS server infrastructure. Especially interesting for companies from 15 own domains.
  • Samba File Server with Wins or Active Directory setup. Professional, fast and deployed millions of times, Samba offers a royalty-free server solution for your network.
  • LibreOffice – the open source alternative to commercial word processing and spreadsheets. Free and highly professional. Can also read or write proprietary formats and even edit PDF files.
  • NAS solutions based on FreeBSD / FreeNAS
  • E-mail encryption, cryptography, SSL certificates and much more in the field of encryption.
  • Debian Linux and Open Source as employee workstation. We help you to convert to Thunderbird (email), Firefox, LibreOffice, Gimp and other software as royalty-free workspace for your employees. The change is possible!

IoT / MQTT / Mosquitto / Secure solutions with public and private MQTT Server

  • Spezialist for secure IoT Solutions. MQTT, Mosquitto and much more is part of our core competence!

GNU Health System - Setup and Hosting Solutions

New customer requests:

E: support@cts-solutions.at

  • INTERNATIONAL: +43 5 7676 7676
  • AUSTRIA: 057676 5020
  • GERMANY: 08654 772280

We only support commercial customers. Reseller prices on request. We are happy to create your personal offer.