High Security Phones and Tablets

High security phones for people and organizations with a need for privacy

Due to multiple requests for a solution, as stated in the blog of our company founder, we have decided to set up these phones for customers who need a high degree of privacy.

Please note that we only use open source software and that there are no warranty or guarantee claims of any kind. In order not to have any problems with telephony in the country of use, we recommend buying a suitable phone locally and then sending it in for revision.

List of supported phones

LineageOS currently supports the following devices: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/. We currently recommend the Faiphone 3+ (https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/FP3) which can be ordered via the FairPhone Shop (https://shop.fairphone.com/en/fairphone-3-plus). The purchased phone must then be brought to us for revision, preferably before first usage. The FP3 allows the battery to be removed. It should be noted that a minimal proportion of the telephones can be destroyed during the conversion due to the basic characteristics of the telephone and if you send in such a telephone, we are not liable.

The services of the phone after the revision

  • LineageOS without Google Apps or the alternative gapps is installed as a replacement for the standard Android system. The system is rooted and any necessary app can be obtained from the F-Droid Store, which offers pure open source apps.

  • Full firewall. Block all incoming and outgoing traffic

  • DNS and traffic routing only anonymously, without revealing the IP, via the Tor network. This means complete encryption, anonymization and no DNS leaks when working with the device.

  • Delta Chat Client to easily send and receive PGP encrypted emails. The use of e-mails is not recommended for high security solutions and this should only be an emergency solution.

  • Briar P2P Messenger, which is extremely encrypted and allows completely anonymous communication over the Tor network. Briar works without a server and the communication partners are connected directly (P2P).

  • Element Matrix Messenger Client fully routed via Tor.

  • Jamie for peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted voice and video communication. Jamie also allows video conferencing and messaging.

  • KeePass password management

  • Tor Browser to surf the internet anonymously

We recommend that you do not make any changes on the phone after delivery, as this could endanger security. We provide support for our customers in this product area via the Element Matrix Messenger. As a customer, you receive access that you can use via Tor to communicate with us.


  • If an Asterisk VoIP server protected by OpenVPN is available on your side, we can set up the telephony in such a way that all your devices can make calls to one another completely encrypted. If the Asterisk server has a SIP connection to a telephone provider, you can also use the number of the SIP connection to make international calls, but without encryption. The caller then sees the number of the telephone connection, wherever it is in the world. Asterisk server and SIP phone number can be in different countries.

  • Own matrix server for the Element Matrix client. Matrix is decentralized, ala e-mails and everyone can connect their own server to the matrix. We are happy to explain the advantages of this add-on in a personal conversation or chat.

  • Offline navigation system without any data transmission during navigation.

  • Connection to your own data storage, e.g. self-hosted OwnCloud. Here, too, complete routing via the Tor network.

Non-binding initial consultation in German or English at:

  • Tel: +43 57 676 613
  • Element MatrixMessenger: @karl: matrix.ctseuro.com